Crane-free dismantling. Right on the hanging blade.

Streamline your dismantling processes and boost your profitability

Crane-free solution offering full blade access. For drastically reduced costs.

The fact that the operation of the entirely unmanned sawing cell of our carpo b rotor blade dismantling system does not require the use of a crane is accompanied by huge savings in terms of both time and cost. The cell is controlled remotely from the ground, making it ideal for offshore applications and difficult terrain. Rotor blades are cut into manageable, space-saving segments which can be shredded without additional processing.

Choose our carpo b system to simplify your rotor blade dismantling processes – and enhance your profitability as a result.

Health and safety

Safety – our highest priority

Unmanned. Remote-controlled.

Unmanned. Remote-controlled.

The unmanned, fully enclosed sawing cell of our carpo b rotor blade dismantling system is controlled remotely from the ground and does not require the use of a crane. This drastically reduces both the risk to dismantling operatives and the amount of glass fibres released into the environment.

  • Remote-controlled sawing process eliminates risk to personnel during dismantling
  • Fully enclosed cell prevents negative environmental impact
  • Crane-free dismantling process minimizes safety issues


Efficient from start to finish

Cheap to transport. Ready to use.

Cheap to transport. Ready to use.

As a result of its compact sawing cell and flexible telescopic frame, our carpo b dismantling system can be transported cost-efficiently using a 7.5 t HGV. It is delivered ready for use and requires neither a crane nor additional soil protection measures. The fact that the cell is designed for the dismantling of the hanging blade both minimizes the amount of space required around the blade and facilitates efficient offshore blade dismantling.

  • Secure, efficient transportation on a specially adapted trailer
  • Rapid machine assembly in just a few steps
  • No soil protection required due to fully enclosed sawing cell

Enhance the profitability of your wind turbine dismantling processes

Our goal is to help you drastically reduce the amount of time and capital you invest in dismantling processes. Our solutions are therefore always designed to make your work more profitable. By working together, we can help ensure that wind farms generate power cleanly and sustainably.

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