The service platform for even the largest of wind turbines

Boost your planning security and profitability

Fewer interruptions. Higher returns.

Thanks to its new sealing concept and a cab that can be both heated and opened up for ventilation, our System aqua allows you to carry out maintenance work even when it is raining or temperatures are particularly low or high – and even under the extreme conditions encountered out at sea. In addition, the integrated lighting system also allows you to extend the working day or carry out maintenance around the clock in shifts – thus enabling you to repair rotor blades throughout the year.

Choose our System aqua to minimize downtime and ensure compliance with turbine availability guarantees.

Working conditions

Dry, spacious and temperature-controlled.

Optimum working conditions. Whatever the weather.

Optimum working conditions. Whatever the weather.

Our System aqua features a weather-proof maintenance chamber which protects you from the elements as you carry out repairs under workshop conditions. Fitted with integrated heating, the fully enclosable chamber provides a spacious, comfortable workplace offering a variety of storage options and good access to all sides of the rotor blade.

  • Dry, wind-proof working conditions thanks to retractable tarpaulins on all sides
  • Heating and rainproofing for a high level of user comfort
  • Integrated shelves and benches for optimized workplace ergonomics
  • Freedom of movement thanks to a lifeline extending all the way around the chamber


Safety and efficiency

Ready to use. No job too big.

Ready to use. No job too big.

Our System aqua comes with a segmented telescopic frame that is secured against tipping and assembles and disassembles automatically. It can therefore be brought into service mode in even the tightest of spaces. Suckers integrated into the chassis facilitate not only the safe threading of the rotor blade through the chamber, but also the storage of the system on even the smallest of platforms. As a result of its stable suspension, our System aqua remains safe to use even at high wind speeds and in combination with large turbines.

  • Integrated suckers for safe attachment to the tower
  • Automatic slope correction function keeps chamber level at all times
  • Integrated uninterruptible power supply (battery) ensures safe return of chamber to base position even if power outage occurs
  • Specially designed feature prevents chamber from tipping even at considerable distances between blade tip and tower (patent pending)
  • Extremely compact when in transport mode thanks to collapsible telescopic frame
  • Automatic assembly and disassembly

Simple to transport. Completely flexible.

Our System aqua is specially designed for time-efficient assembly and disassembly. Special lifting points guarantee safe and stable lifting onto the wind turbine. A foldable substructure ensures that the assembly can be set down with no problems whatsoever on any kind of platform. The segmented telescopic frame assembles and disassembles automatically, thus enabling the service platform to be brought into service mode in even the tightest of spaces.

  • Extremely compact when in transport mode thanks to collapsible telescopic frame
  • Automatic assembly and disassembly of telescopic frame
  • Intuitive operation using a wireless remote control

Benefit from plannable rotor blade maintenance

Our goal is to assist you in making your maintenance processes safer, more efficient and more profitable. We therefore develop solutions that simplify and accelerate the execution of your maintenance tasks. This cooperation enables us to both play our part in enhancing wind farm reliability.

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