Rotor blade access system terra 1.1 can be rented for your next job.


Rent the System terra 1.1 and gain complete independence

Safe access – regardless of the weather and at any time of day

Renting – with all the advantages our system has to offer

Direct availability and high flexibility are just two reasons for booking the System terra 1.1 for your rotor blade repair and maintenance assignments. Impress your customers with state of the art repair equipment and even better repair quality – without being responsible for operation, transport and maintenance of the access equipment.

Why not take advantage of our option to rent the System terra 1.1 – and allow our product to convince you in the process.

All of the advantages – with no risk!

  • Complete cost monitoring
  • As an option you can also hire an operator – so you won’t need any special skills or knowledge beforehand
  • Best possible construction site support
  • Fast and safe working


Rent our System terra 1.1

and enjoy greater comfort with workshop-like conditions directly on the rotor blade

Make the most of these advantages

Rent the System terra 1.1 and find out everything it has to offer

In order to gain detailed insight into what it can do, you can also rent our System terra 1.1. You will not require any special knowledge for installation or operation. We can optionally provide an operator who will offer expert support during your service assignments – both for setting up and taking down the equipment and for accessing the rotor blades and performing any special access manoeuvres that are required. In addition, our operator can also offer initial guidance on working with the terra 1.1 maintenance access system. On request, as well as normal maintenance access we can also offer a training unit for your service personnel. You can also take advantage of our offer to offset some of the accrued rental costs against the purchase price for the system, allowing you to benefit from having your own System terra 1.1 straight away.

Satisfied customers...

"... Platform works great. Nice and cosy inside during higher winds and cold temperatures. ..."

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