Maximum flexibility with the open maintenance platform system aer 1.1

Wind turbine class from V90 to V162
Max. tip-tower clearance 18,50 m
Max. wind speed 14 m/s
Rotor blade dimensions from 5,30 m x 3,0 m
Payload of 400 kg

System aer 1.1

Technical information

System aer 1.1

Maximum flexibility. Up to largest turbines on the market.

Blade accessibility swivelling around the tower (±10°)
opening mechanism of gangways
transversely movable workspace
(±500 mm)
Lifting speed 8 m/min
Winches/emergency arresting devices Tirak / Blocstops
Max. rotor blade dimensions 5,30 m x 3,00 m
Max. tip-tower clearance 18,50 m
Max. wind turbine height 180 m (contact us to discuss taller turbines)
Max. wind speed 14 m/s
Self-adjusting suspension structure Adjusts to distances between attachment points ranging from 1,7 m to 4,0 m

Ready to use. Simple to transport.

Dimensions in transport mode 9,00 m x 2,55 m x 3,90 m
Tare weight 1800 kg
Loading capacity 400 kg (max. 3 people)
Transport Specially built tandem trailer

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